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With over 200 Classic and Muscle Cars in inventory, P.J.’s Auto World carries a broad range of vehicles. But, even with this wide variety of classics, muscle, sports, performance, and exotics, we cannot carry one of everything. As a result, P.J.’s Auto World has an excellent locating service for the hobbyist or collector.

With over 30 years of experience in purchasing and selling these remarkable cars, P.J.’s Auto World can help you find that elusive “New Ride” that you are searching for. You may have been looking for months or years for that particular car with little results. Numerous cars that you’ve looked at aren’t as the owner described. You have covered great distances at great expense in both time and money, only to return without your “New Ride.” Let us help you.

We can help eliminate the hassle. Simply contact one of our Classic Car Consultants, and they will collect the necessary information such as year, make, model, color preference, options desired, and we’ll go to work. P.J.’s Auto World is in a unique position having developed long standing relationships with many other dealers and collectors from around the country. Many of the collections are not accessible to the general public. These cars are traded between hobbyists and collectors, never to be placed on the open market. Our knowledge of the car’s location and our association with the owners can make the difference.

P.J.’s Auto World has representatives at many of the Classic Car Auctions around the country. From the very popular Barrett-Jackson to Mecum Auctions to Kruse Auctions, we make every effort to find select cars for our customers. Any vehicle purchased through one of these events is returned to our dealership for general service and detail prior to delivery.

Please contact one of our Classic Consultants for further information on our locating service.

Let us make your dream a reality!

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