Services Offered


At the time of purchase, a PJs Sales Consultant will go over a Due in Deal Form with the purchaser in order to address concerns or changes that need to be made during our regular service. For example, the installation of air conditioning or a CD Player in a vehicle that doesn’t have one at the time of purchase. The purchaser and PJs Auto World arrive at an agreement and calculate the additional costs and the time factor to complete the service.

It is P.J.’s Auto World’s goal to deliver your “New Ride” ready to go!


In some circumstances, a customer may wish to modify their “New Ride” prior to taking delivery. Typical changes include wheels, tires, or exhaust. Again, these changes will be outlined in our Due in Deal Form. The desired changes are discussed with the customer to ensure they are aware of additional costs and time needed to complete them. These changes need to be coordinated with P.J.’s Auto World’s regular service.

Our overseas buyers are often looking for additional changes to vehicles. Due to the easy access to parts and labor in the United States, we can help our overseas customers prior to shipment to Europe, Australia, South America, etc. Our sales consultant can work with you and obtain costs on installing items such as headers, aluminum intake manifold, carburetor, or electronic ignition.

Please contact one of our Sales Consultants Toll Free at 1-800-288-6386 or 1-866-820-4444. Or, feel free to e-mail us at to further discuss any questions on preparing your “New Ride” for delivery.

Let us make your dream a reality!


PJs Auto World performs a full detail on each vehicle sold prior to delivery. Upon completion of our regular service, each vehicle then heads for the detail area. Detailing is coordinated with shipment in order to ensure that the vehicle is completed just prior to it being picked up. If there should be any type of delay, the vehicle is placed in our covered holding area or showroom.

Areas addressed during the detailing of your “New Ride” are as follows:

  • Engine will be cleaned. If needed, brackets will be repainted. Chrome and stainless items will be polished.
  • Exterior will be cleaned, buffed, and hand waxed.
  • Upholstery will be cleaned and protected with a vinyl or leather dressing where needed.
  • Wheel wells, wheels, and tires will be detailed and tire dressing applied.
  • Undercarriage will be detailed.
  • Vinyl and convertible tops will be cleaned to enhance the vehicle’s appearance.
  • Many of our customers have taken their “New Rides” to a Car Show or Cruise-In the same day their car arrives!

Please contact one of our representatives with any questions regarding our detailing services.


PJs Auto World Inc. does offer appraisals. In most instances, we try to assist our customers in determining the value of their Classic for insurance purposes. We accomplish this by using various publications such as Old Car Price Guide, N.A.D.A. Classic, Collectible, Exotic and Muscle Car Appraisal Guide. We rely on auction activity and always have representatives at Mecum Auctions, Barrett-Jackson, RM Auctions and others. This allows us to actually see the vehicles and how they compare to vehicles in our inventory and those of our customers.

Locally, we invite our customers to make arrangements with us to bring in their vehicles so we can assist them in determining a value for their cruiser. We are often asked by customers if changing various aspects of their “Rides” will change the vehicles value? What the market trends are currently? How popular their “Ride” might be if they wish to sell it and when? These questions and answers are all part of evaluating the vehicle.  We will assist you with your decision to possibly keep, trade, consign or sell your vehicle.

For those customers not in the Clearwater area, we can assist you in contacting one of several local appraisers that will travel to your business or home and prepare a detailed appraisal with photos if desired for your Classic.  They will arrive prepared to inspect the vehicle and discuss at length, restoration, modifications, overall condition, market trends and their opinions based upon years of experience. At that time, they will accumulate the information and prepare an appraisal for you to use for insurance purposes, for financing or perhaps to provide information to help you sell your vehicle.

Please contact one of our Classic Consultants for further information regarding an appraisal.