P.J.'s Auto World offers customers safe shipping options for their new ride!  Whether it's a few miles down the road or across the globe, P.J.'s can make the arrangements.


Throughout the lower 48 States, P.J.'s Auto World recommends Exotic Car Transport Inc.  They are a nationwide transporter of Exotic, Vintage, Luxury, and Collectible vehicles for celebrities, sports figures, heads of state, and hobbyist alike.  All vehicles are handled with great care and shipped in enclosed transporters.  With years of experience and professional drivers, leave the delivery of your new ride to the experts!


P.J.'s Auto World can also arrange timely delivery with numerous other carriers including FedEx Custom Critical Passport Auto Transport, Reliable Carriers Inc., and Intercity Transport.




P.J.'s Auto World can also assist with  with container companies shipping out of Florida and Georgia.  Recently, P.J.'s has shipped vehicles to Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Hungary, Russia, Austria, Estonia, and Switzerland.  Other countries receiving some great classics are New Zealand and Australia.


Please contact your sales representative at P.J.'s Auto World for further information on worldwide shipping.