Appraisals of Classic Cars at P.J.'s Auto World Inc.

P.J.'s Auto World Inc. does do Appraisals. In most instances we try to assist our customers in determining the value of their "Classic Rides" for insurance purposes. We do this by using various publications such as Old Car Price Guide, N.A.D.A. Classic, Collectible, Exotic and Muscle Car Appraisal Guide. We rely on auction activity and often have representatives at Mecum Auctions, Barrett-Jackson, RM Auctions and others. This allows us to actually see the vehicles and how they compare to vehicles in our inventory and those of our customers.

We often are asked to put a value on a car based on a few pictures sent to us taken sometimes in darkened garages, in bright sun light or at a distance, an impossible task. We can merely give you a range based on the photos you've provided and discussing the degree of restoration the car has received and most importantly when the work was completed.

Locally we invite our customers to make arrangements with us to bring in their vehicles so we can assist them in determining a value for their cruiser. We are often asked by customers if changing various aspects of their "Rides" will change the vehicles value? What the market trends are currently? How popular their "Ride" might if they wish to sell it and when? These questions and their answers are all part of evaluating the vehicle. They will assist you with your decision to possibly, keep, trade, consign or sell your vehicle. 

For those customers not in the Clearwater area we can assist you in contacting one of several Local Appraisers that will travel to your business or home and prepare a detailed Appraisal with photos if desired for your Classic and Collectible Rides. They will arrive prepared to inspect the vehicle and discuss at length, restoration, modifications, overall condition, market trends and their opinions based on years of experience. At that time they will accumulate the information and prepare an Appraisal for you to use for insurance purposes, for financing or perhaps to provide information to help you sell your vehicle.

Please contact one of our Classic Consultants for further information on Appraisals.