1948 Mercury Templeton Saturn
The Bob Hope Special Roadster for Sale

1948 Mercury, "Templeton Saturn" also known as "The Bob Hope Special Roadster". Collectors and automotive enthusiasts here's a rare opportunity to own a "one-off". A unique one of a kind vehicle created over a four year period by Lloyd Templeton and his sons, Don and Bob. Powered by a '48 Mercury 239.4 CI flathead with rare Speedway finned high-compression cylinder heads and a Fenton dual intake manifold; 2X2-bbl Stromberg model 94 carburetors. The manual transmission has been modified with a short shifter to select a high low range, a second lever to the left side of the driver operates reverse.

The car's custom exterior and interior were no doubt highly influenced by America's fixation with the aviation industry at the time. The long nose typical of many of the fighter planes from WW II, The interior is very basic with two bucket seats but the dash is what will catch the driver's eye for stretching from one side of the car to the other are multiple gauges similar to the cockpit of a fighter plane.

The car's fantastic body was formed using a number of parts, '49 Chevy upper rear fenders, '46 Pontiac bumpers with bumper guards, a Chrysler elongated hood, a '36 Ford hood makes up the trunk cover, a Dodge grille, a rear continental kit, Studebaker headlights and a '46 Nash hood ornament. If you wanted a two seater sports car during this time frame you had to build it yourself. Many automotive enthusiasts during the early fifties undertook exactly that and some amazing vehicle were built resulting in an era of custom and sports cars never before seen. This is one of those few that survived and as such was invited to the 62nd Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance in August of 2012. A new class honoring these cars, American Sport Customs. The Templeton Saturn along with cars such as the Maverick, Studebaker "Bubble Top" Roadster, the "Rochester Diedt" roadster and the "Yankee Doodle" roadster appeared to give those attending a  rare opportunity to see these for the first time at Pebble Beach.

Pebble Beach Concours d' Elagance


To car enthusiast both from here and around the world know of the renowned Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance. Certainly one of the most prestigious events that any car owner can be asked to attend. This isn't like many other auctions and events held throughout the year where and entry fee will insure your vehicle being either put up for sale or shown. Entry to the Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance is by invitation only. The vehicles this year represented some of the finest cars from around the world. Of the two hundred and twenty-four cars on the 18th fairway at Pebble Beach that August morning they represented five continents, fifteen countries and thirty-three states. The 62nd Pebble Beach this year had a new class, Class U, American Sport Customs. A select few cars were asked to attend representing an era in automotive history unlike anything seen before, the Templeton Saturn was one of those vehicles invited to attend.

The reaction by those fortunate enough to have witnessed this class on the fairway was simply amazing. Thousands of photos were taken by both media and private individuals giving them an opportunity to shoot the rarest of the rare, in the case of the Templeton Saturn a "one- off" vehicle. 

The new owner of the Templeton Saturn will receive a copy of the entry program, a leather bound dash plaque holder and the plaque itself along with the event poster from the 62nd Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance.

Motor Trend Classic Magazine


Many car enthusiasts are very familiar with Motor Trend's Magazines on various areas of the automobile industry. One of their publications recognizes cars from the past and their contribution to possibly racing, their historical significance, their collectability or uniqueness. The Templeton Saturn will appear in Motor Trend Classic's Winter 2012 edition. The article written by Ken Gross and photographs by Daniel Byrne capture the car and it's uniqueness. The article is title appropriately "Running Rings Around All Others" something Lloyd Templeton said the "Saturn" would do to any competition. The article follows the car from it's build in Iowa, to the Minneapolis Autorama, to the Pan-Pacific building, it's time in Hollywood and the association with Bob Hope, to Florida and back up to Motor World's Fair in New York City. The car continues to this day to be both a head turner and generates hundreds of questions about what, when, where and how it was built. These are usually followed by "can I take a picture of it" and comments from how it's design was so far a head of it's time to it belongs in a museum. A "one-off" vehicle that any collector or car enthusiast would welcome to their collection knowing they own a piece of Automobile History. A copy of Motor Trend Classic Magazine accompanies the vehicle.

Asking Price $350,000

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